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SimaPro - World's Leading LCA Software

SimaPro is the professional tool you need to collect sustainability data and to analyse and monitor the sustainability performance of your company’s products and services. You can use SimaPro for life cycle assessment, sustainability reporting, carbon and water footprinting, product design, generating environmental product declarations, determining key performance indicators, and much more.


SimaPro has been the world’s leading LCA software package for 25 years. It is trusted by industry and academics in more than 80 countries. Life Cycle Indonesia is SimaPro LCA Software's global partner network and support point for Indonesia.


The SimaPro Global Partner Network is a group of passionate LCA people from over 24 countries. We are committed to our Simapro Core Value + Map

SimaPro for Business
SimaPro for Business

SimaPro was developed to make your sustainability efforts measurable, to embed sustainability into your daily operations, and to turn your sustainability initiatives into a competitive advantage.


Only SimaPro provides you with the high level of transparency you need to make fully-conscious choices and achieve accurate results. We understand that tailored communication is essential to creating company-wide support for your results. We developed SimaPro to help you empower company-wide collaboration. SimaPro can display your LCA results in a way that helps your colleagues understand the impact of their decisions, so you can meet common goals and targets.

SimaPro for Education
SimaPro for Education

For academic purposes, there’s no tool like SimaPro. It is accurate and science-based, and provides the highest level of transparency of all LCA packages currently available. SimaPro allows you to see entire supply networks and provides total insight into databases and unit processes, giving you full ownership of your choices and assumptions. This is essential for high quality research. It is also necessary for educating LCA practitioners who understand the conceptual basis of what they are doing, and don’t just push the buttons they were taught to push.


SimaPro is used by hundreds of universities worldwide. It was built on 25 years of LCA thought leadership, by people who have all contributed to major policy and research developments.


SimaPro offers free annual faculty license for non OECD Country.

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